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 Book & Writing Club

Our Book and Writing Club will resume  in September 2021

*Book/Writing Club Membership Fee

September-May (no session in December) 8 months= $240.00

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What will the Club entail?

  • Club size:  6 girls (Maximum)                       

  • Ages 8-16 years:  

  • The girls will be broken into groups depending on age, grade, and reading level.

  • The Club will meet once a month for two hours (Time/Place:  TBD).

  • Possible Field Trips








  • The girls are required to read outside of the club

  • A book will be chosen each month to be read collectively and discussed in a group setting



  • The girls are required to write in a journal and

  • to share

  • The girls are required to write book reviews when assigned

  • The girls are required to participate in the writing session and completing all writing projects


During the months of July and August, the girls that were enrolled from September- May must read one book and write a review and also write a personal essay about their vacation.



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