Mission Statement


We believe if one reads widely and writes, this is the portal to help guide self-expression.  We connect reading and creative writing with our book/writing club and workshops.


We provide a safe environment that is not competitive but nurturing and supportive.



Girls Read to Write started as a writing and book club inspired by Founder Sandra Proto's eight-year-old daughter and classmates when they formed a “club” during recess.  One of the club's activities that the girls would do were to write stories together.  As a writer and avid reader, Sandra Proto thought it was great that the girls had an interest in writing and she always wanted to start a book club for kids. So, with her two daughters and their friends, Sandra Proto developed Girls Read to Write in May of 2015 and held our first meeting in July of the same year. 

Who We Are

Sandra Proto, Founder, Club Coordinator is a poet, fiction writer, playwright, blogger, and an essayist. Sandra Proto debut poem at the age of twelve was entitled, The Late Great April, giving homage to the first time it snowed in April. She wrote Late Great April as an English class assignment, and her teacher was so impressed by the poem that he tried to get it published. After this experience, Sandra became a "Bedroom Poet" who composed Blackberry Beauty, Light, Compositions, and many others. She has published three books of poetry: Wrapped Up in Life with Omniscient Eyes, Springs Tepid Breath, and Sketches: An Ekphrasic Journey.


 For more information about Sandra Proto go to www.sandraproto.com