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Usually, Book Clubs are free.  Why do you charge to participate in your Book Club? 


Yes, Book Clubs are generally free to participate but at Girls Read To Write, our book club is also a writing club.  By participating in the Girls Read To Write Book and Writing Club not only will you participate in a book discussion but you will have a mini writing workshop.  Also, the nominal fee helps to pay for books, venue rental, and Club Coordinator stipend.


For the book selections, Do you prefer printed books or ebooks?


We prefer printed books over ebooks because the book discussion is not just about the story and characters but it's about the physiology of the book.  We promote the dying art of reading physical books but that doesn't mean that we do not explore books in other media.


My daughter does not like to read, can she only participate in the writing part of the Club?


This Club is designed to engage girls in both reading and writing but Girls Read To Write

does offer writing workshops if your daughter is only interested in writing.  To learn more Click Here


Are the books selected age appropriate? 


Yes. The selections are based on content, reading levels, and age range.  


Do you only offer Creative Writing Workshops?


Yes.  We offer only Creative Writing workshops because we believe that in our schools today, there is not enough time for self-expressive writing.  Our workshops were designed to fill that void. 


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