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Katheryn Prather

1st Prize Fiction-Storm Warning

Katheryn Prather is a senior at Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts, where she lives with her parents and little sister. Her hobbies include writing of all kinds, including songs, poetry, short fiction, and novels, along with baking, reading, and watching Marvel movies. A few of her favorite writers are Maggie Stiefvater, Madeline Miller, and Jacqueline Woodson


Amaya Farrell

3rd Prize Fiction- Ella's Entries

Since grade school, Amaya Farrell has thought of writing as a way to let go and have fun! She enjoys reading, as well, and absolutely loves getting lost in a story, getting attached to the characters, and being taken to another world.


Svaha Williams

2nd Prize Flash Fiction-When The Fun Is Over I Miss Them

Svāhā Williams is an 8-year-old dynamo. Her screen credits include documentaries, independent films, TV, news broadcasts, and a music video. She plays the cello, and is heavily inspired by Kanye West, Solange, and Kelsey Lu. Sometimes she collaborates on cool stuff with her parents. She is excited about exploring an art career merging music, performance, film, and fashion. Svāhā credits her Grandma Lavern, Aunt Priscilla, and Auntie Chantal for gifting her the ability to write songs and journal.

Aponi Kafele AFrican Vocies .jpg

Aponi Kafele

2nd Prize Fiction- Good Hair

Aponi Kafele is a 13-year-old queer writer, singer, artist, and music enthusiast. She is an avid believer in Black girls’ intrinsic magic, beauty, and dignity. From her home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NYC, she writes short stories, poems, and essays on the topics of both queer and Black experiences, fantasy, beauty, and whatever else she pleases. She dreams of living a life surrounded by art and getting her mother the butler she wants.

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Kylie Kamau

1st Prize Flash Fiction-The Dreams of a Dancer

Kylie Kamau attends an online charter school and is in the sixth grade. She loves singing, dancing, writing, eating sushi, drinking smoothies, and looking up trivia facts. Her teachers recently said that her reading level is that of an eighth- or ninth-grader.


Ameena Rafeek

3rd Prize Flash Fiction-What Happened to the Larsons?

Ameena Rafeek is a sixth-grader from Long Island, New York. She enjoys reading, writing, and all things related to Harry Potter, Marvel, and Hamilton. In her spare time, she also enjoys baking and looking for the best bubble tea shops in New York. When she grows up, she would like to be a professional writer.

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