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   1st Prize-Flash Fiction      

Kylie Kamau

Kylie Kamau attends an online charter school and is in the sixth grade. She loves singing, dancing, writing, eating sushi, drinking smoothies, and looking up trivia facts. Her teachers recently said that her reading level is that of an eighth- or ninth-grader.

The Dreams of a Dancer by Kylie Kamau

    Layla Prince dreamed of being a dancer. Her mother Mikayla wanted to dance too when she was Layla’s age, but no one believed in her. When Layla found out they were holding auditions at the Dance Theater of Harlem in New York City, she was excited to audition but also nervous.

    “Mom, what if I’m not talented enough for the Dance Theater of Harlem?” Layla asked putting 

her head down.  

     Her mother lifted her head and looked into her brown eyes, and said, “Sweetheart, you can 

do anything you set your mind to.”

     Layla beamed and pirouetted across the floor. 

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