Sandra Proto has studied with Master Poets Sonia Sanchez and Tina Chang. She self-published three volumes of poetry: Wrapped Up in Life with Omniscient Eyes, Springs Tepid Breath, and Sketches: An Ekphrasic Journey. Her work has been featured in the Newtown Journal, Bards Annual, and Poets to Come anthologies.

Haiku Workshop


For ages 8-Adults




This workshop is an introduction to writing one of the simplest yet complex poetry forms: Haiku.  Participants will learn how to create/write a standard Haiku in 5/7/5. 

Meeting Location: Online

Office Hours available for Chat: TBD


Make sure you download one of the workbooks to help you organize your thoughts!


History of Haiku

How to Write a Haiku

Inspirational Media Materials

Use the materials to create your 5-7-5 Haiku.  You can use all the variety of materials or use just one!

(You can use your own pictures, videos and sounds)

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Congratulations on writing your Haiku!