Haiku Workshop


For ages 8-18




This workshop is an introduction to writing one of the simplest yet complex poetry forms: Haiku.  Participants will learn how to create/write a standard Haiku in 5/7/5. 

Meeting Location: Online

Office Hours available for Chat: TBD


Sandra Proto has studied with Master Poets Sonia Sanchez and Tina Chang. She self-published three volumes of poetry: Wrapped Up in Life with Omniscient Eyes, Springs Tepid Breath, and Sketches: An Ekphrasic Journey. Her work has been featured in the Newtown Journal, Bards Annual, and Poets to Come anthologies.


Make sure you download one of the workbooks to help you organize your thoughts!


History of Haiku

How to Write a Haiku

Inspirational Media Materials

Use the materials to create your 5-7-5 Haiku.  You can use all the variety of materials or use just one!

(You can use your own pictures, videos and sounds)


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Congratulations on writing your Haiku!