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Meet Book Publishing Roundtable Guest Speaker: Courtney Nzeribe

Updated: Apr 14

Courtney Nzeribe is a culinary lifestyle expert and artist, private chef, caterer, food event planner, creator of recipes, accomplished baker, blogger, and multi-media artist specializing in food and travel illustration. It is her belief that food both nurtures and unites people from all walks of life and cultures. Courtney says, “Food, prepared with love, instills love.” One constant remark Courtney hears is that her “food makes people happy. “

Courtney’s food and creations encompass international inspiration gained through her numerous world travels. Courtney was born in the U.S. to a Nigerian father and American mother. She grew up in cosmopolitan Washington D.C., and also studied abroad in Paris, France. All of these experiences piqued her curiosity in the culinary arts and cultural expressions via food.

Read Courtney's Article, Waffling: “The Pressure, The House” on Medium.

Check out one of her favorite recipes on Coco Cooks: