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Favorite Book Club Reads

Girls Read to Write started as an idea to get my daughters and their friends together to start a book club and to write stories. We met once a month at a neighborhood coffee shop. I reserved the biggest table, which was right next to the service area that served baked goods, coffee and other hot and cold drinks (the girls favorites were the the bagels, smoothies, and hot chocolate).

We discussed our Book of the Month, while competing with the cappuccino/expresso machine and wrote quietly with the chatter of the nearby patrons and the overhead music.

This lasted for the first three years of Girls Read to Write until I rented a room at a local church.

The switch from the coffee shop to the room went smoothly but the white noise of the coffee shop was missed as well as their hot chocolate.

But, we continued to read great books.

Below are 8 books that are considered our "Club Favorites" throughout the years:


8 Class Pet + 1 Squirrel Divided by 1 Dog = Chaos

by Vivian Vande Vlede Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

This was a very fast paced hysterical account of how one situation can lead to crazy disaster! You will love all of the characters!

For Grades 1-3


Kiki: My Stylish Life

by Kyla May

This cute book is part of the Branches series of book for Reluctant Readers.

Even though, the book has black and white images, the images are very vivid that any reader would enjoy looking at while reading Kiki's story!

For Grades 1-3


Nancy Clancy: See the Future

by Jane O'connor Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasse

The Nancy Clancy series is for girls who love the Fancy Nancy picture books but has moved on to Chapter books.Nancy Clancy is Book 3 and it follows Nancy on her journey in seeing the future--or does she really sees it?

For Grades 2-3